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Triumph Cable in 2018 Public Security Expo

Writer:TriumphDate:2018年4月19日 15:18




Triumph Cable CO.,LTD. Are going to participate in 2018 Public Security Expo held at Shenyang China



2018 Public Security Expo

Session:          19 apr 2018-21 apr 2018

Venue :           Shenyang new world expo

URL :             https://af360.com/exhibition

Our booth No.:     B hall 013、015


About Triumph Cable

As a professional electric wire and cable maker,Triumph cable has over ten years of production experience.main products include:

-Robot Automation Cable

-High Flexible Chain Cable

-Network Cable and Security Cable

-Electronic Wire,High Temperature Wire

-Fluorine Plastic Wire

-Silicone Wire

-LED Wire

-Automotive Wire

-Housing and Construction Wires

-Low Smoke Halogen Free Wire

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