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Date:2013年8月11日 14:13

August 9th - 11th 2013, the 12th China International Electronic exhibition successfully held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, Our general manager Mr. Johnson Yan lead related personnel to attend the exhibition. During the exhibition, the products of our company are widely popular, our general
manager warmly received the customers.



Total of 362 domestic and international exhibition leading electronics companies, exhibition scale reached 20,000 square meters,And with the professional media associations active cooperation, many domestic and foreign electronics manufacturing and communications manufacturing company executives, engineers,purchasing department and buyers come to visit, not only for the majority of exhibitors provided a showcase enterprise's core competitiveness, expanding emerging market opportunities, but also for exhibitors to establish contact with the visiting audience, provides a platform to seek cooperation opportunities. This exhibition was a technology exchange, professional and enterprising industry event! Many domestic wire and cable manufacturers have sent a different lineup of teams participated in the exhibition, in order to seize every opportunity.


As China's wire and cable industry's leading research and production enterprise, our company got valued and welcomed come from the exhibition organizers and domestic customers. Many new and old customers to our booth for product information and negotiate business. It is understood that, with a variety of large-scale construction projects, rising demand for home products are widely used to drive the wire and cable market demand. During the exhibition, the company received hundreds ofdomestic customers, and successfully signed a contract. Another two customers said they would in the near future and I signed the purchase contract.



We visited several our old customers after the exhibition, Customers also expressed their gratitude to us, and put forward many valuable opinions for our equipment. Through in-depth communication and exchanges, enhance friendship between each other for future close cooperation and common development has laid a
good foundation.

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