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Date:2013年8月25日 20:04

Electronic information industry is the national economy of the strategic, fundamental and guiding pillar industries, for the promotion of social employment and stimulate economic growth, adjusting the industrial structure, change the mode of development and maintenance of national security has a very important role. Today, electronic information industry has become a measure of a country or regional comprehensive strength, international competitiveness and an important symbol of modernization, is to cultivate new economic growth point of the important engines, is an important force in promoting sustainable development is to improve people's livelihood and expand consumption important areas.

Triumph company has been committed to research and development of wire and cable production since its inception, enjoy a good reputation in the country. In the coastal area has a number of branches. According to the United States a well-known research company for the electronics industry exhibitors statistical, regardless of how large the company, the exhibition will provide a good business opportunity for exhibitors really is an efficient way of marketing: including low-cost customer base, low workload rate potential customers, competitors, the strength of exposure, etc., have become the show without an efficient way of marketing.

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