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TRIUMPH CABLE CO.,LTD of 2013 China electronics show --Chengdu show

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With the expections to the western areas'electronic market, Triumph cable paticipated in the three-day 2013 China (chengdu) electronics show on June 20 to 22, 2013, we hope to promote our brand concept in the huge electronic market of west inland,enlarge the influence of interior electronics market, provide a face-to-face communication for chengdu existing clients,to show our company's power and win the trust of customers,so as to make up the  defects of our e-commerce in the market.We get the favour of many local companies,and our enterprise scale,operation mode and management idea are approved by the business elite who negotiate with us.They are fond of the quality and coverage of our products,and  are looking forward to cooperate and futher communicate with our company.From the perspective and the business negotiation of the customer resources  ,most of them are electrical appliances manufacturers, electronics developers, a part of military forces production suppliers, and part of the customers' higher requirements for wire rod quality or characteristics.From the product requirement type, more customer demand for high temperature wire, application areas include: microelectronics, set-top boxes, instrumentation, transformers, LED, office equipment ,some customers of electronic market and so on.Observed from the exhibition effect, although on the surface of market is not so wide as oastal areas of market, the opportunities are not as much as the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, the effect also didn't full than industrial city, but each customer come to negotiate and communicate with exhibitors with sincerity,accurate demand information , and hope to get the real effective information and benefits for the company and to introduce quality supply. We are sincere to communicate with the customers and try my best to meet customer demand.We also hope that we could be in win-win cooperation with more high quality customers,promote our own brand from the exbition and  to open the western inland market.  So far,quite a few customers are contacting us,confirming samples and communicating with us.we believe that there are quite a few customers will be our subsequent stable long-term partner.

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