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Congratulations to our company to participate in the 2014 China Chengdu Electronics Show

Number of visits: Date:2014-7-29

China (Chengdu) Electronics Show opened in Chengdu century city new international exhibition center on 10~12 July 2014. It aims to show the electronic prosperity in Western,focus on develop the Western market and share the global business opportunity. The theme is "Display the electronic technology solutions for industrial and military applications,"It received Almost 600 company and 15,000 professions visitors in 20000 square meters exhibition area and creats a new record from all the datas shows.

Foreigh customers business cooperation.

The Exhibition absorbed the electronic industry information from multi field. It provide the important basis and channels for the next step market development. At the same time, Our company has taken the multiway sales model, tries our best to satisfy the end customers purchase requirment and achieved the win win goal.

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