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June 18 Shanghai Subsidiary Training Meeting

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June 18 Shanghai Subsidiary Training Meeting

June 18 , 2016 , Shanghai Ling sheng which is Triumph cable subsidiary that was hold a large training conference , the purpose is for improve staff professional technical and suggest a perfect solution for our customers to solve problems.

1 , Triumph cable’s staff training

Enterprise is made up with person , The talents is very important for a enterprise, Talents is very important strategic resource of enterprise . A success enterprise has to be constant gather high quality talents and continue to create high quality talents . Training talents result as for a enterprise , which is enhance the productivity and the competitiveness, As for staff that is enhance their quality of work and life satisfaction .  A enterprise is not only produce products , but also produce talents. Enterprises competition in a final analysis is the talents competition , How to develop, training and use talents , How to sufficient utilize talents to play a positive role, this become a important things to current enterprises .


2, Shanghai subsidiary brief introduction

Shanghai Ling sheng electric wire cable Co., Ltd dedicate to R&D, production and sales security wire cable. Which is the most professional security wire cable production enterprise in China , Ling Sheng company has possessed  the world’s advanced automate cable production and the first-class testing, inspection equipments, as well as the safe inspection of cable , applied for large-scale laboratory .

3 ,  Main products : All kinds of audio and video cable, elevator cable, computer network cable, cat5e cable , cat6 cable, various kinds special cable and so on approximately ten broad heading, more than one thousand specifications. Ling Sheng products has overall got through the testing and inspection of national professional organizations, Pasted and possessed the compulsory certification of national security (3C certification ), UL certification, ISO9001:2008 quality systems certification etc. Awarded strictly abide contract and credit enterprise, measurement qualify enterprise ,  China famous brand, China top 100 wire cable enterprise etc title of honour .

4, Triumph cable headquarter is located in humen town of Dongguan city, In recent years , Triumph cable was expand to overall China step by step, one after the other set up direct selling network , meanwhile, we have a large stock wire cable in our selling network, this satisfy our customers to buy cable from our near shop, save time and cost for our customers. We also adopt ”enough will send”favorable policy , workable send the goods to you door to door service .


5 Triumph cable distribution network place as follows :

Triumph cable electric wire cable Co., Ltd ( production base )

Contact person: Mr. Johnson ( vice general manager )

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Eamil: zhangtian@eshengpai.com

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